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  1. So here is what I am doing to achieve best possible quality encoding H.264:

    Video Tab:
    Video Codec H.264 Mencoder
    Keep Height in Autosize, height set from calculated height in Autocrop (Filters Tab - deduct Top and Bottom crop from total)
    Set width for 720 to calculate best bitrate on the "Best" button and return to setting for Keep Height. (As the souce only is 720 px width, no need to calc for higher bitrate)
    Framerate: Set to the proper setting

    Audio Tab:
    Audio Codec AAC
    Audio bitrate 128
    Sampling 48000
    Channels Stereo or Mono, depends on whats appropriate

    Filters Tab:
    Deinterlace On
    x264 Deblock On
    Brightness and contrast corrected, if necessary.

    Options Tab
    Use Cabac On
    Use B-Frames On
    Two-pass encoding On
    Scaling Method Bicubic Spline
    ME function Exhaustive
    I-frame interval 120
    Qmin 22
    Qmax 22

    The result isn't bad, but I still think the picture comes out unsharp, too fuzzy looking.

    Any suggestions to improve that result?
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  2. Maybe the "best button" is giving a lower bitrate than it ought to be. Or the source itself is a bit blurry. Post some shots of it before and after.
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