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    i have the following problem with ffmpegx (0.0.9u):
    after encoding all my videos into h.264 (nomatter what kind of source i use) they have a green line at their bottom (about 10 px height). does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?


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    Hi bender06,

    You might not be doing anything wrong - depending on the source, there might be some "messy" video at the bottom of your footage. I have a DV cam that has a few lines of noise at the top of the footage.

    Your encoder might pick up on this and translate it to the green line that you see after encoding. If the final product is for TV, don't worry about it as there's a very good chance it'll be covered by the overscan area of your TV screen (that's the area of the screen that's covered by the seal that hold's the tube in).

    I don't know if the same applies to a HDTV.

    You are best playing it on what you will be watching the final footage on (PC monitor, TV, HDTV) and see if you can see it / if it bothers you.
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