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    I encoded a single VOB file (I used yade X to make a DVD folder into one .VOB). The final result had the synchronization off by about 5 seconds for the whole video, except the first 6 minutes was fine. I think that after the first 6 minutes, the title had gone to a new chapter, and it threw it off. I tested the original VOB in VLC, and it played fine throughout the entire video. So something is from with ffmpeg. The settings I used were:
    • MPEG-4 video - 400-560 kbps tested - 320x240
      AAC audio - 128 kbps tested
    I tried to decode with Quicktime with letterbox (I've heard it fixes this), but it didn't work. Any suggestions/tips that you can recommend?[/list]
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  2. To make Quicktime work with VOB files, you must upgrade your Quicktime install with the Apple mpeg-2 component,
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