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  1. Hi,

    My AviSynth used to work fine. Recently I re-install XP to a new hard drive and re-install all tools but when I try to use CCE with AviSynth, I got the following error:
    AVISource: couldn’t locate a decompressor for fourcc dvsc
    I am using canon optura 300 DV and captured using window movie maker (or pinnacle studio).

    Is there anyone can help me resolve this problem. I already download divX and install but no help


    The avisynth script I used is:

    LoadPlugin("C:\download\AviSynth\AviSynth_254\dvti mestamp\DVTimeStamp.dll")
    OpenDMLSource("C:\Documents and Settings\Albert Tsay\My Documents\Pinnacle Studio\Captured Video\debate1.avi")
    DVAutoTimeStamp("C:\Documents and Settings\Albert Tsay\My Documents\Pinnacle Studio\Captured Video\debate1.avi",-60,435,0,-1,"Arial",32,$00FFFFFF,$00000000,20,200,"hh:mm tt, MM/dd/yyyy",1)
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  2. Hi-

    Perhaps you're missing the Panasonic DV Codec?
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  3. It works!! Thanks a lot.
    I am using canon camcorder and never imaging that I need panasonic codec.

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    You don't "need" panasoinc. Any VfW DV decoder would do as long as it handles the fourCC DVSC.
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  5. Originally Posted by celtic_druid View Post
    You don't "need" panasoinc. Any VfW DV decoder would do as long as it handles the fourCC DVSC.
    does k-lite codec pack come with any of those and can i set it in the tweak tool somehow?
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  6. I think the advice these days would be to install the Cedocida DV Codec. You don't need to install a codec pack to get it. Just click on the link.
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  7. k, that looks nice, but how do i uninstall the panasonic codec now?=) its not in uninstall, all programs, nor in the device manager lists...
    and i used the .exe version to install it...

    perhaps this?

    HKLM,SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResourc es\icm\vidc.dvsd,Description
    HKLM,SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResourc es\icm\vidc.dvsd,Driver
    HKLM,SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResourc es\icm\vidc.dvsd,FriendlyName

    but how do i do this?
    system.ini, drivers32,,"vidc.dvsd=pdvcodec.dll",0
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  8. Didn't you say you had a tweak tool? So it can remove the one you no longer want? Maybe try the Codec Tweak Tool. Is that the one you meant? If it can't remove the Panasonic one, it should be able to disable it.

    If that doesn't do the job for you then perhaps someone else here knows how.
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