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    I was experimenting with some home videos, trying to put them onto DVD. I tried to burn some by authoring it in TMPGEnc, and then using Nero and selecting "DVD-Video". The DVD+R9 discs that I burned work fine in 2 of my DVD players (a REALLY old one and a brand new one), but not in another (about a year old) - which doesn't make much sense because the old one came out long before DVD+Rs did, let alone DVD+R9s....

    Anyway, I then realised I would need 2 copies, but I couldn't remember the exact settings I used, so I thought I'd better copy them instead. I only have one DVD+RW Drive, so I ripped them and then used Nero's "Burn Image" to make another batch of Home DVDs. However, this batch (using the same make of DVD+R9s) cannot be read on any DVD Player I have.

    (All of the DVDs can be read via DVD-ROM drives, so the discs themselves are fine). My questions are:

    1) Why does my relatively new DVD Player not read these DVD+R9s, but my insanely old one does??

    2) Why do the DVDs burnt using the "DVD-Video" method in Nero work in 2 of my DVD Players, yet when I use the "Burn Image" method, they don't work?

    Thanks for any help.
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    1) Could be that your new player can read the +R9 discs, but doesn't like the brand of media you are using or possibly it can't read them at all. Not all media works in all players. It is a matter of trial and error.

    2) Hard to answer without knowing all of the steps that you took. You should be able to use any burning software and make an image of the disc, and then burn that image. There are numerous settings in Nero that could cause the disc to be "bad", such as not closing the disc.
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