This is my first post, so I would really like your help. I have a samsung SV-DVD3E DVD-VHS Combo. I'm from Europe so the dvd player is possibly region 2 . I However I would like to buy a DVD from UK which is region 1. I've found a remote hack here for my player so i can turn it to region 0.

1. Is it possible to damage my player using this hack?
2. Do I have to apply this hack every time i want to watch a non-region 2 movie? or is it only for one time and forever??
3. What about this NTSC/PAL? Do i have to worry about that too?? The DVD movie is probably NTSC. I've checked the features of my TV and it says : "Colour System": PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58 , 4.43 (Only Video In). Is it OK? What about my DVD Player? Does it support NTSC?

Thank you. I would really appreciate it if I had your reply as soon as possible.