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  1. Since 2004, Denon has outsourced some of its DVD players. It is now time for me to reveal this out. This is a secret DVD player production info not revealed by Denon:

    The current Denon DVD player models (DVD-556S, DVD-756S, DVD-1720, DVD-1920, DVD-2910, DVD-3910, DVD-5910, DVM-715S, DVM-1815, and DVM-2815) are not all made by Denon. The Denon DVD-556S, DVD-756S, DVD-1720, DVD-1920, DVM-715S, DVM-1815, and DVM-2815 are being made and assembled by Funai for Denon, built to Denon's specifications. Only the Denon DVD-2910, DVD-3910, and DVD-5910 are made by Denon.

    If you have never heard of Funai before, this is the company that currently produces products under the low-cost Emerson, Funai, some Insignia, Sylvania, SV2000, and Symphonic brands. Funal also manufactures DVD players, DVD recorders, DVD/VCR combos, and VCRs for Magnavox, Philips, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, and Sharp. Funai also manufactures printers for Lexmark and digital cameras for Kodak.

    Thanks for reading.

    Walter Chan
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