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  1. Hi, not sure if this is the right area but im kinda desperate, i've posted this problem in a few differnt forums and no replies so if anyone here can help ill append you to my will

    I have a problem with audio when playing certain video files. To clarify, when using VLC media player the sound from the video is EXTREMELY loud and distorted so much so it sounds like the speakers about to blow. Its a problem with how the sound is output. Playing the same video in windows media player or anything else plays fine so im wondering how VLC decodes the audio differently, i mean does it not use the same codec?

    This is most annoying because I use VLC alot such as when wanting to watch a video with a non standard file extension (such as .iso).

    This problem also occurs when watching streams within a browser, such as the vids on ebaumsworld, the same thing - video is fine but the audio is unbearable.

    Just to note, regular video and music files play fine otherwise. This is a newly built pc with WinXP Pro sp2 and onboard audio. Tried various codec packages too but to no avail.

    So my vid watching/burning has slowed right down and im unsure how to fix this. If anyone knows how to troubleshoot this it would be MUCH appreciated.
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  2. ok nevermind, the will is firmly back in the safe now - someone finally pm'd from elsewhere.

    for anyone else having this problem (particularly with streams in your browser) open directx (type "dxdiag" in your run box) and set audio hardware acceleration to basic.

    would like to know HOW this actually fixes the problem but ill settle for it just working now.
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