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  1. Just a college student living in a small dorm with a roommate. I'm looking to spend less than 400 on a home theater set.
    I prefer to have an all in one set with 5.1 speakers. So the reciever should have a built in dvd player. I watch lots of Asian flicks, so I really want a region free player that can play both NTSC and PAL. Don't care about the system playing divx cause I'd rather save money and just run an s-video cord from my computer to the system.

    What do you guys recommend for dorms?
    I did research but most sites want to give info about power rather than simplicity. I've seen some decent ones for less than even 200 on Amazon so I expect no flames about how I need more than 500 dollars for a dorm theater.

    Volumes not a factor (dormmates boost their stereos anyways)
    Here's 2 pics of my room:

    As you can see, I don't even have an HDTV, just a 27 inch tv which is more than enough, believe me. Any bigger and it'll be hard to watch from my bed. The distance between my bed and tv is around exactly 7 ft. Going across the room (width) from the window to the door is around 20ft.

    I think I gave a pretty good description and even pictures. Hope it helps.
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    Good Deal at Circuit City..Not sure if it will play PAL. m_ven=AFFILIATE%20MARKETING&cm_cat=BEFREE&cm_pla=D ATAFEED->PRODUCTS&cm_ite=1%20PRODUCT&cm_keycode=57

    Or get this

    And this DVD Player
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    Try this:

    It doesn't say it will play PAL, but my girlfriend and a friend of mine have 2 different Samsung Home Theater systems like this and it plays PAL with no hacks (has to be a region-free DVD).
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