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    Ive been using DIKO to pull apart AVIs so i can make some DVDs.
    Recently DIKO keeps chucking up an error about it cant find the audio stream in some of my files - the difference with these files is the audio is sampled at 44.1kH rather than 48kH so i guess the question is how do i resample the audio in the avi files?

    I just need to end up with some synchronous mpv & mp2 files.

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    First you have to demux the audio stream and decode Žem into an uncompressed WAV. ~> VirtualDubMod is one of the apps which can do this for you

    Next step is upsample the track.
    Upsampling can be done with almost all audio editing software - there are also some stand alone solutions like SSRC or SRCDrop (recommend), both can be found on needfulthings.

    I donŽt know DIKO @ all but I guess you have to remux the Audio/Video stream back in a AVI container to get a proper input file ~> AVIMuxGUI or again VirtualdubMod should be the right solution for this job.

    CYA Daphy
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