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  1. Hello everyone

    I'm having a problem viewing some burned DVD's on my DVD player. It's a Pioneer DV-444, and the problem is that the image 'rolls' quickly up the screen - kind of like an old TV with a busted vertical hold. (It's tough to describe) So far it's happened with a burned image file that I downloaded, and a DivX file that I converted using Avi2DVD. Naturally I searched the forums (this one and Doom9) and I couldn't find a solution.

    Any ideas?
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    Okay, seeing as you do not state where you are or in your profile i'm going to do some assuming here 8)

    Is the video black & white ? If you are in NTSC land i'm guessing you have PAL video that you are burning to dvdr....
    My old Pioneer DV-343's do that also as they won't convert PAL to NTSC.

    You cna check the videos with AVIcodec to see what the FPS is.
    I beleive you can check them in Windvd to see if they are pal or ntsc also but i dont recall as i usually know or check them with AVIcodec.

    I think this is more of a video problem than a dvd player problem 8)
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