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  1. Anyone know of a way to access the the Service Menu/Mode on a JVC (7600) SVHS VCR? Is there one? Is it worth it? Is it too cryptic for mere mortals to play with? Are there any benefits to it/additional adjustments to be had?


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  2. I'd be interested in knowing if the JVC 9911 has service mode menu too. Usually there are a combination of keys you press on the remote, to enter the "hidden" menu.
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    I've never heard of one. These machines are WYSIWYG from what I know. If you want something more, you have to pick it apart with a screwdriver and pair of pliers.
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  4. Try pressing STOP - PAUSE - MENU at the same time. You are probably going to have to do it several times, it is hard to get. (I know this is an old thread, just trying to help whoever finds it)
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