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  1. Hello!

    I have some video files that I would like to enhance before burning them to DVD.

    Does anybody know of a good way to do that? I understand that some programs, such as encoders, have filters built in to clean up the images. But I don't understand how any of that works?

    Yeah, I'm a newbie. Sorry about that.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Happy Video-ing !!!!!

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    well first thing we need is a bit more specific information. Saying "I want to enhance a video" is a pretty broad term and could be likened to sitting in an airplane and asking how to fly it :P

    Before that though, how are you getting the mpeg files? Are you capturing them from vhs or a camcorder?

    For the video enhancements:
    Are you wanting to mainly brighten the images up?
    Correct the colors?
    Sharpen the image?
    or D: All of the above.

    If this is mainly what you are after, there are some simple all in one encoders that will do that for you like tmpgenc Xpress..i think they even make an "easy" version now thats even simpler.

    if you want to splice video clips and do any sort of advanced fx you will need to get an mpeg editing program. A simple one that works for splicing jobs is womble mpeg video wizard.

    If you are new to video editing the first thing I would say is be patient...theres alot more to video than you think!

    You may want to browse through the Restoration section of the forums and see if there is anything of interest there as well.
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  3. Okay, thanks! Yeah, I'm wanting to do all of those things, as far as enhancement goes.

    I have the video files aleady in .VOB and .MPEG formats.
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    You'll have to encode the video again. For instance, Sony DVDA has a feature to brighten the image or to correct its color. But it is going to encode your video files again. An excellent application - and also free!!! - is Virtual Dub MPEG2. You can load you file there and choose many filters to try to enhance the image. Sony Vegas has also many filters but it's not freeware.
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    generic questions = generic answers

    Try to ask one question at a time, specifics too, and give sample clips/images of the problem to correct.

    There is no magic "restore" button in software.
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  6. if the size is a bit bigger than 4.5 gig so you could run it through dvd rebuilder & HC encoder would be the easiest it has one or two filters that do magic.
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    Will the day ever come when we will find an all in one, professional, VIDEO ENHANCER site online?? Not a software to download, an actuall site to visit and load flv; mp4; avi; mpeg2 etc files and then improve detail; deshake; clean; sharpness and colour correction! Also don't forget the Audio. We need to remove "hiss"; a graphic equeliser to reshape treble, bass and mid range and an audio normaliser to set the loudness as wanted. If only it existed...
    What do others think?
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