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  1. when i use mencoder mpeg avi to encode a quicktime movie, any time the screen has 100% white on it i get black blocks on the screen. anyone know how to fix this.

    also the movie is interlaced (pal). which is the best way to deinterlace this?

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  2. I didn't observe the black blocks, could you post a link to a short clip in order to make tests? To deinterlace, there is a deinterlace filter in the Filters tab.
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  3. here's a like to an avi with the black blocks:

    and also when i use ffmpeg avi encoder i get weird moire bars across it when i use deinterlace. which is here:
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  4. any ideas why this is happening?
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  5. Difficult to say. If you send me the original clip I can test.
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  6. i don't have the original clip anymore. but i'll upload a clip when it happens again.
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