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Poll: What do you use to author your DVDs(part3)?

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    Originally Posted by CaptainVideo
    Ulead DVD Workshop 2

    TDA for progressive sources

    Really annoying that Workshop won't support progressive 23fps source material.
    Have you tried using pulldown with it?

    My Tools:
    FreeEnc: AVS->MPEG2 Encoder

    Get them here:
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  2. I mostly use Ulead DVD Workshop 2 but for DTS projects i switch to DVD lab Pro, but know i am gonna buy Encore DVD 2.0 as it promises to support DTS and i don't like the GUI interface of dvd lab
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  3. I just started using dvd lab pro couple weeks ago, and so far I got my first dvd ever made by myself...wich is a shakira latest live vids compilation.......I used 12 videos,...working fine 9, no sound 3.......XD.....
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