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  1. Hello I was wondering on something. I have read about the reviews on the Panasonic DMR es10 recorder to where some people use it to use as a Time Base Corrector or Sync filter to stabalize some tapes that have flagging issues with out using it to put vhs onto dvd. Well I use the Dmr e55 and to what I can tell it has the same sync filter as the es10 cause I had an old e20 recorder that worked different than it but I don't know for sure. Ok here is my issue I use the e55 only as a stabalizer Time Base Corrector and nothing more. I record with a Pioneer cause it gives way better results than my Panny does but should I use the Line In NR set too ON or Automatic or should I leave it off? I don't really notice a difference with it on or off. Here is my set up. Vcr-Pannyfor TBC-SignvideoProcamp-SignvideoDR1000-Pioneer dvd reocrder. I am trying to get the best results possible with out too much noise in the video. Does it really make a difference if the Line IN NR on the pannasonic is on or not and does it really make a difference in my final prodect? I would appreciate any help with this issue I have and thanks for any feedback.
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    I never saw this on on the E20, E30, E50, E55, or E85. Maybe I just didn't test them enough, but I probably would have noticed monumental quality changes on the poor source tape I stick in as one of my tests.

    The Line In NR on the Panasonic does almost nothing. The ES10 fixes a little bit of chroma and noise, but not much. The older ones were far weaker.

    Just try it an see what is visibly changed, if anything. Only use it when needed, assuming it works. The Panasonic can add a few flaws too (ghosting issues and loss of gradients), but it fixes more than it messes up.
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