I have Nero Burning Rom 6603 but since it often blows up I've been searching
for combinations of freeware to supplant it. I have VCDEasy and could never get the included CDRDAO to burn. I just installed BurnAtOnce today and it works. But I notice it too uses CDRDAO. So I'm just curious if
this version of VCDEasy is totally hardwired to ASPI or is there any way to point it to the CDRDAO that works to get an "integrated environment" to author and burn (S)VCD.

It's no big deal to put out the image file but seems like a shame I can't get
VCDEasy to call the working CDRDAO from within the GUI.

The other thing is since searching out these tools I've just heard of this SPTI
stuff. Any thoughts, links of interest and opinions of whether integration with
VCDEasy is possible, are welcome.