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  1. I have a small mpg file VCD format about 30 seconds long. I need to know about some software that will let me add stuff to the video during its playback.

    Eg. I want a picture to zoom in on the top-left while my video is playing. So I need some software wherein I can edit say frame 35 and add a picture to it then I move straight to say fram 100 and add a maximised image and then say tween animation, like in Imageready.

    Is there a software to do this, a software that will split the clip into individual frames and let me edit the frames, so I can add images flying fading etc effects onto the video.

    Also please direct me to some guide if possible
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    Sounds like you want to use the file in an editing/compositing app and then re-render and re-encode. Might be able to get away with re-encoding only the section that changes (the animated part).

    Try AVID Xpress, Premiere, Vegas, Ulead, etc (video editors, but still able to do what you specified), or if you really want full control--After Effects, or Commotion. They will even allow you to do frame-by-frame drawing and rotoscoping, whatever.

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