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    Hello, people First, I'd like to thank everyone for offering their help with a few questions I have posted concerning a jitter problem I was having with VCR playback. Happy to say, I have found a VCR that plays those older tapes perfectly It involved a special feature that has you hold down "play" for two seconds to reduce jitter on EP/SLP recordings.

    However, I have another concern. now that I have the major jitter issue fixed, have another minor issue that cropped up. What I'm seeing on those tapes during playback is something I can best describe as a minor "shimmer" or tiny "shaking". I have the VCR attached to my DVD recorder (Panasonic DMR-ES10) through a standard set of AV cables. When I playback the tape, I can see an occasional shimmer, or slight vibration in the picture. It's not really a jitter, but a small shimmer (if that makes any sense). I thought it may have been the cables but I've tried higher end ones and they work the same. In other words, if I try to make a DVD copy of my older tapes, there are some issues with the picture which only occur then.

    Now, here's the kicker: When the VCR is attached directly to the TV, the playback looks perfect. Also, when the VCR is connected with the AV cables through another VCR, the picture is also perfect. So, I only get the shimmer when the VCR is connected to the DVD burner for dubbing.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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