Hi there

I have the following problem using Virtualdup on a few video files that I captured on computer screen.

It was captured with compression format Microsoft video 1 .
I just want to recompress to MP4 compression format and to filter (cropping) these files.

As I could not manage to do it (vdup crash).
I tried the following step by step:

Original files (Microsoft video 1) look great in WM player, same in VDUP (but are very large).

First I just do a SAVING to AVI to uncompressed format:
- files look fine in virtualdb, in WM player but not on an other player:
! on that player: file is in black and white and picture is shifted (vertical pillars shifted by 30 degres on toward the right side)

-Then, as the file seems fine in VDUP, I do the cropping (nothing more):
Processing in vdup, (as well as saving) goes smoothly but when I try to open the saved file : VDUP crash
! On WMP: no crash, cropping seems done, but then I get the same shifted, black and white pictures that I saw before cropping on the other player.

I tried to do the cropping first , but got the same problems.
It seems that something occurs at decompression of Microsoft video 1, but I am not sure.

I would appreciate some input on this.

Thanks a lot for your help .