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  1. For some time I have successfully been using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2 to rip, reauthor and burn DVDs (using Nero).

    Today I encountered a consistant error when attempting to open the VIDEO_TS folder from DVD Shrink 3.2 indicating "DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Invalid data in file (i.e.) C:\The_Pink_Panther\VIDEO_TS\VTS_05_1.VOB"

    I have the entire six DVD set of the Pink Panther series and ripped the first three disks before attempting to open from Shrink. The problem occurs with all three disks VIDEO_TS folders, however it is not the same VOB causing the error in each reqpective folder.

    I attempted coping to hard drive using DVDFab Decrypter, as I have had a few disks where DVD Decrypter did not work and this solved the problem, but that did not help. Next I tried a DVD in my library and it worked fine in Shrink. I had already uninstalled and reinstalled Shrink in hopes that this might correct the problem, but it did not.

    Has anybody encountered this? Could you suggest something I might try?
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  2. I recently encountered the problem when DVD Shrink indicated the information in Video_TS VOB file is invalided. When I initially tried to get DVD Shrink to open the disc I got an failed to read D:\ data error (cyclic redundancy check) .

    I tried to use DVD Decryter to get the files to my hard drive but it failed as well.

    Finally I was able to simply copy the DVD to a folder on my hard drive because I have AnyDVD and the decryption takes place at the optical drive level and there is no encryption on my computer for all practically purposes.

    When I tried to get DVD Shrink to open the files from the folder the message is the information in the Video_TS VOB file is not valid.

    I guess my only option at this point is to comply reauthor the information which will take a significantly longer to do compared with using method like DVD Shrink that relies on the existing structure when changes are made.

    In my most recent experience I have come to the conclusion that the wrong information on media can cause as many or more problems than damaging the media.
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    You resurrected an almost 8 year old thread for that? Are you the anydvd marketing rep or something?

    Anyway, as far as the topic goes, Dvdshrink hasn't been updated since 2004 or so, same with dvddecrypter. But they're still useful if you use dvdfab hd decrypter (the free part of dvdfab) as a front end for them. They're both excellent except for the out of date decryption algorithms.

    Unless I had a new dvd that couldn't be copied by any free tools I'd never pay for a ripper/encoder. Or any other encoder. Most of the complaints about video tools posted by people here involve tools that they paid for.
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    I also noticed he grave robbed an old thread, but what is even more puzzling to me is that mkh joined over 9 years ago and is only now making his first post. Why do people join at all if they aren't going to post anything until many years later?

    I could be wrong about this, but as best I can tell there no longer is a "Free partof dvdfab". You can use their tools briefly in trial mode, but now you have to pay for everything they have. There don't seem to be any more free products. If there still are free products that they have then they've made it almost impossible to figure out how to use them in free mode rather than trial mode.
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  5. When I setup my account up many years ago I thought I had posted something but apparently I never did then when I went looking for a resolution for a problem I have at and read where a member was having the same problem I recently had and they ask if any other person had the same problem I thought I might acknowledge I had but I obviously didn't notice the post date was 2005. I guess its good people read these posts regardless of when they are written.
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