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  1. Whenever I try to rip a DVD, any DVD, with any program whether it is SmartRipper(any version), claddvd, etc. my computer will either give a blue screen with a fatal exception error or shuts down completely. I need help determining what needs to be fixed: the computer or the program. Please provide options.
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  2. ctrl-alt-del

    how many proggies u running in the background...? if it's alot, u may wanna close some of 'em. i think all u really need is systray.
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  3. Aspi prob...mine does it too. I have too many burn proggies installed and the screw it up. I will reinstall windoze and only install 1 next time. use the no aspi bat file for smartripper and see if that for me...
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    Had the exact same problem updated aspi layer to latest version and problem went away never done it again
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    I also had the problem, as an easy fix till you clean up your aspi's, you can use version 2.13 of smartripper, it does not use read ahead aspi. or as the other respondent said, you can turn off the aspi in the newer versions.
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  6. if you want the ASPi layer installer private message me and i will help
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  7. Hi Dan!
    Just a quick additional thought to all the good advice above - Have you got Nero installed?

    'cos it gave me SO much grief when I first tried ripping.
    If so, do a search for a file called : Nerocd95.vxd
    (or something similar - depends on your version of Nero).

    It's usually in the path : \windows\system\iosubsys\

    If you find it, disable it! (rename it '' or something similar)
    As long as the rest of your ASPI drivers are ok and working, your system can do without the interference of this driver!!

    Hope this helps

    Merry Christmas !!!

    Sue xxx.
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