Hey U guys this is were I'm at I can import some files and they work fine but when I import some other video files which are avi and mpeg Premiere acts at its ok then after I do my editing in the clip screen and then I drag it to my sequence bar and try to play it plays nuttin but black screen but for some reason it I can her the sound.. so I'm stuck here so I start to think and I try encoding it with tmeg and I get in more trouble I can in code but when I add it to the sequence bar it looks good it plays all the way through but when it gets to the file I have just added it I plays fine but its way to small its like the aspect ratio is all messed up

so I tried to encode to mpeg 1 and 2 (both different tries) and then I import to premiere pro 1.5 and it say something like premiere dose not support this kind of audio can some on help me please I just thought I will hand this over to the video kings I have seen probs been solved but I doubt this can be I've tried everything

My email is Mikay_D2@yahoo.com