I need some help guys. I created a few DVDs with no problem. But lately I stumbled upon this problem: at the very end of the burn process with Sonic Fusion (a few seconds before the end of the movie), I get "cannot complete the last command because: End of File (DVDErr, -16072). What does it mean? I ran simulation and everything seems to work perfectly. There is nothing unusual about the movie except at the very end, right when I put "The End" title screen, I put a sound which plays music for about 2-3 minutes after actual video part ends.
And this End of file error message comes up at the very end of this music file.
If it helps: I captured movie from DV camera into Pinnacle Studio 7, edited it, added titles, music and stuff, then render it as AVI file. Then I Split AVI file into m2v and wav files, encode wav into ac3 (2 chanel), and mux it with m2c file into .VOB file. Sonic Fusion accepts VOB file just fine. So, where is the problem?
What can this end of file error mean?
Please help!