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Poll: Would you buy your DVD/VHS collection again on HD DVD/BluRay?

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    Would I?

    Nope. Half of the old VHS stuff isnt even avaliable on DVD, so what makes me think they will be on the newer formats? Besides, with all of the format confusion, I dont think anyone will be to quick to quickly jump to a new format so fast. When cost and expense is involved the wallet will often speak for itself.

    The largest TV I have right now is a 27" with component inputs--and as far as I know it does fine for me for the time being as picture quality goes when it comes to watching DVD's...I mean, how high of a picture quality can you get?

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  2. Originally Posted by VideoTechMan
    I mean, how high of a picture quality can you get?
    HDTV with an HD feed is great. Way better than DVD. Not just the PQ but the colors. They are richer and there are more of them.

    'course, that's part of the discusion here. The encoded HDDVD's will not be good. Leading us to say... "why bother". Especialy when a properly encoded (regular) dvd (SW Trilogy) looks fantastic.

    A LOT can be done with the current format, yet they pump out poorly encoded dvd's. Why should we think HD-DVD's will be handled any different.
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