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  1. So, I authored my SVCD like I always have... encoded in TMPEGenc using the standard film SVCD template with the external Lame encoder for audio. The resulting mpg plays fine (with audio) in VLC. I authored and burned my SVCD in VCDeasy, no menu, three chapters.

    Why is it that my resulting SVCD has no audio??

    Specifically, the SVCD I authored plays fine but without audio on all my standalone players as well as my PC. Also, I have not had a problem creating VCDs in the same manner.

    Yes, I have changed many things on the PC since I authored my last SVCD. In fact, I think it is by now a completely new PC. And the version of VCDeasy is newer. I am now using the latest freeware version instead of one a few versions back from that. Is this a known bug or have I set something up wrong?

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  2. maybe your input audio has a sampling rate of 48kHz but your standalones only accept the official SVCD standard (44.1kHz). don't know if TMPGEnc has some kind of SSRC feature as i always use CCE but you might want to check. if your audio is 48kHz, use BeSweet or so to resample it.
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  3. I am prety sure the audio is 44.1, but I will double-check it. The VCD (from the same source files) plays just fine.

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