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  1. Apologies for most probably repeating this issue, but I have tried yahoo'ing the answer to this to the enth degree, without any luck.

    I have had problems with burning discs for a wile with Nero, but with a work around, have been able to sort the problem out. I just still get annoyed at having to go through so much rig-mo-role, everytime I have to burn a disc, because I never new what the issue was.

    Installed VCDeasy the other day, and then the installation wizard informed me that the burning function of the program was disabled, due to the incorrect aspi drivers.

    I feel very strongly that the problems I'm having with burning normal audio CDs, and installing VCDeasy are associated with me not having the correct aspi driver on my computer. (win me / 128 ram / Intel 1.7gig).

    Through searching for the aspi driver, I found that there was a warning on installing the latest aspi drivers from adaptec on WIN ME machines.

    Does anybody know where I can get a aspi driver for Win ME?

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  3. Thanks for the tip,

    Just checked it out. I first went down the directory, where they had software drivers, clicked on video editing software drivers, error 404.

    Did a search on the page just for "Aspi ME". Search yielded no results.

    Then I thought I would have to look for drivers for my CD-Burner. I selected CD Burner Rom Drivers. I then had to select from "Eide, Scsi, and Firewire". I clicked on all three, which resulted in a empty result page.

    Adaptec's site is not very helpful, very cluttered and stuffy! No useful suggestions on some work arounds or alternative drivers.
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    there is the download for windows ME.
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