I have some m2v and ac3 files I created with DVD Decrypter. The ac3 files say they have a delay of -66 ms. I'm trying to cut out parts of the files with mpeg2schnitt and author the cut files with DVDStyler. Version .61-b of mpeg2schnitt has an audio offset option. Should I be using it to bring the ac3 file in sync with the m2v video file before adding the files to DVDStyler for authoring? I noticed the latest version of mpeg2schnitt (.7.1) has some nice new features but doesn't appear to have the audio sync option anymore. Is the software going to try to resync the audio or am I supposed to be doing this manually (in mpeg2schnitt .61-b or possibly during the mplex phase in DVDStyler)? According to mpeg2schnitt the -66 ms only moves things about 2 frames, so it's hard to tell if anything is off or not. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.