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  1. Can someone tell me how I can crop my video files?

    (I've actually done this to my video files, but can't remember how I did it and what I used!)


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  2. what is initial format

    by crop do you mean black bars off top and bottom of picture

    or crop the subtitles off at the end

    for avis a variant of virtual dub will cut off the subtitles without reencoding
    set video to direct stream copy

    tmpgenc express is my program of choice to do everything else cut mpegs crop black bars on avis etc
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  3. The Null Transform filter in VirtualDub works well.

    Watercooling pics are very Kewl indeed. Come build one for me. 8)
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  4. erm... not entirely sure what you guys are refferring to.

    say i have standard video footage. 720 x 576.
    i want to crop the video footage and make it 680 x 500, say for example.

    the tools u've suggested, can i use these for what i want to do?
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    "say i have standard video footage. 720 x 576.
    i want to crop the video footage and make it 680 x 500, say for example."

    I hope you're not meaning re-encoding. To cut off 40 lines from the width and 76 lines from the height, use VDubMod in case of mpeg-4 source (Viseo>Filters>Add>Resize>OK>Show Preview>Crop), or TMPGEnc (Settings>Advanced>Clip Frame) in case of mpeg-1 source.

    Try it yourself.

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  6. ^^^
    glad you liked them redd

    cant really see why you awould want to resize the picture tbh
    not to those dimensions anyway

    you atleast need to keep the same aspect ratio
    unless you are cutting black bars from the top and bottom

    jammer you still havent told us what the format of the video is
    put it in avicodec and post the results on here if you dont know

    nest method will vary depending on whether its
    avi / mpeg / mov / vob / .....
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  7. thanks for the replies.
    that's been really useful.

    i have dv footage.
    virtualdubmod says it cant handle the file.
    i've played around with it and it allows me to crop as i need.

    i havent tried TMPGEnc.
    will that do the job for me?

    also, i need to tilt the video very slightly.
    i saw vdubmod allowed me to do this.
    does TMPGEnc allow this as well?

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  8. i use tmpg xpress to handle my dv camcorder footage

    it should handle it but it could be using the codec from some other software
    i have so many programs installed it would be hard to give a definite answer

    easiest thing is to try the trial version
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