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  1. Has anyone ever found out why Vcdeasy starts with an error saying Windows Media player not installed? I have installed several different versions with no luck. I am using Windows xp sp2.

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  2. Nevermind....figured it out.


    It wasnt present so i downloaded it and registered it with regsvc32 and now vcdeasy opens.
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    Speaking of msdxm.ocx, I've come to the conclusion that this file gets registered (as in regsvr32) every single time VCDEasy starts up. This is not a good thing! A few days ago, after installing and running the VCDEasy 3.0.2 trial version, I found that my Windows Media Player browser plug-in was screwed up -- all embedded media was being played by the outdated WMP 6.4 instead of the current WMP 10!

    After some hours of head-scratching and searching, I learned that msdxm.ocx was likely the cause of this problem, and the solution was to re-register wmpdxm.dll. Although that solution works great and gets rid of WMP 6.4, starting VCDEasy again makes the problem come right back.

    As it would be quite a hassle to re-register wmpdxm.dll every time I use VCDEasy, I really hope the developer can fix this bug.


    MCSE.MS - IE6 uses wrong (old) version of WMP
    Presumably you installed an old software package over the top that misregistered v6 player components. I've got some code around that tries to avoid that/fix that up where possible, but presumably you found an old install package that bypassed that prevention code.
    Microsoft Knowledge Base: Windows Media Player 6.4 is embedded in Web pages even when Windows Media Player 9 or 10 is installed
    This behavior occurs because the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control, Msdxm.ocx, was reregistered.
    To resolve this behavior, reregister the Wmpdxm.dll file.
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