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  1. I have just edited two MPEG2 files (total length 1.5 hours) and Ulead Video Studio 8 wants to re-render the whole lot, not a smart thing to do to MPEG2!

    The files in question were produced fom Mainconcept - latest version, same VBR bitrate (8 Meg max ), same MP2 sound setting, same template even. I have check Project properties and Ulead preferences against the files and they are the same.

    I have done this in the past with no problems but as I must have this finished by Wed, I am getting a little exasperated and am running out of magic to try. Any ideas, even editing the VSP file with a Hex editor is an option if someone can tell me the file format.
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  2. Just to let everyone know what my problems were -just in case others have suffered as much as I have done!

    Problem 1: I had made the soundtrack on the source files ac3 instead of mp2 - a step I usually do after editing.

    Problem 2: The max bit rate written into the headers of source file 1 was 9,75 Meg. I reduced it to 8 megs with some freeware software.

    Note: If both these fixes where not applied then the whole project was re-rendered and I must say that this was a right royal pain to find. I think Ulead should document smart render better as I must have gone through dozens of trial and error exercises before isolating the right magical mix to get it to work.
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