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  1. I have an ATI 9600 XT All-IN-Wonder, and all captured video from the TV plays perfectly on my PC as an mpeg file. But as soon as I burn the captured file to a dvd, the audio loses sync within the first minute and progessivly gets worse, then the video begins to distort slighty. I've tried multiple burning programs to author the dvd, Roxio and Nero, but get the same problem each time.
    I found a program called VSO DivxtoDVD that takes the video file and creates the VTS Files on my hardrive, and the audio comes out perfect when I author a DVD with those files, but the video quality is choppy and sucks pretty bad.

    A few friends have the same capturing card and have absolutly no problems with DVD Authoring, ATI offers no help but claims the problem is related to third party software. I've reformatted, done fresh installs and updated all of the ATI, Roxio, and Nero software, but no success.

    I am completly out of ideas, and willing to try just about anything.
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  2. Try using one of the transport stream cleaners (ProjectX PVAStrumento) on the Mpeg file.

    It will produce a demuxed, but cleaned up audio and video file your DVD authoring package should handle ok.
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  3. Sounds like you are dropping video frames. You don't notice it on the captured file, due to the padding, but once authored, the padding is gone.

    Try editing first in VideoReDO, then authoring in TMPGEnc.
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  4. Is there a way to change the setting to avoid the frame dropping and fix the problem without resorting to editing software?
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  5. If I set the my computer to capture directly to the dvd everything turns out perfect, but then I only have 60 minutes of record time. So I know that the settings for the capture are ok, but something gets screwed up when i author the dvd from a captured file.
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  6. When you capture directly to DVD, does the capturing software author it for you on the fly, in other words, can you play that disk in a stand-alone DVD player?
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    You might try decompressing the video file. There are several free tools for this about. Some Authoring programs have a problem with synching compressed audio to video.

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  8. I capture it on the fly with the ATI card, but through the Roxio software, and yes it plays perfectly on a stand-alone DVD player, but regardless of the setting, I only get 60 min. of video space thaqt way.
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  9. Sounds like your authoring is messing up the sync. Use TMPGenc DVD Author for your authoring. Should be OK then.
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  10. Thanks Barnabas, TPMGenc worked great, I used a file that had previously not worked in any program and it was successful.. Problem Solved.
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