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    I'am planning 2 purchase one of these because i would like 2 capture programs and output them to mpg vcd and output current movies to vhs.

    ANyways my question is. Say I have a downloaded divx movie. I would need 2 convert it into the mpjpeg format and then i would record it back to the vcr? right?

    Would this yield good quality results?
    Would the convertion process to mpjpeg take a long time?

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  2. Yes, you would need to convert the files into mjpeg before recording them to the vcr.

    Quality of mjpeg can be adjusted, but it takes more space to get higher quality. The quality of the VHS recording can be just as good as the source DivX or mpeg file.

    Converting should be fast, depending on how long it takes to decompress the source video. If your computer can play the file in real-time, it should be able to convert it in about the same amount of time.
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