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  1. Well, I use Virtualdub to edit my AVI files, but there is a specific group of AVI files that that I just can't edit correctly. The problem is the audio. I have a couple of AVI files that are Divx or Xvid encoded for video, but are MPEG Layer-3 with a VBR bitrate instead of CBR (not sure what that mean).

    It seems that this is a bad combination, because when I open it up in VirtualDub, a pop-up says something like "This is an improper VBR audio encoding in the source AVI file. Virtualdub will rewrite audiio header in standard CBR values for better compatability. This might introduce some skew. Decompress entire audio stream to WAV file and recompress." If I just press OK and edit the file like I usually do, my audio will be really out of sync with the video in a really wierd way. The amount of Skew will not be constant. Some parts of the same file will skew by -10 seconds while other parts by 1 second. The audio is just totally out of whack with the video, even though it sounds just fine by itself.

    I tried saving the audio stream as a WAV file in Virtual dub and using that as my source audio, but it doesn't help. I tried using various other programs, but they don't work either. I would like to do what Virtualduub told me to do, which was to "decompress audio stream to uncompressed WAV file and recompress with a constant bitrate encoder." Unfortunately, I don't know what the hell that means. It seems like what I need to do is to convert my VBR audio stream into CBR.

    Could someone help me?
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    You can select
    audio->full processing
    audio->compression and select mp3 or wav
    and edit and save. The audio should be in sync but reencoded.
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  3. Would it not work to select Audio, full processing, then Video, direct stream copy, file, save .avi?
    This should save an avi with the original video, yet decompressed .wav audio.
    Cheers, Jim
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  4. Thanks SO MUCH! I've been trying to do this forevever!
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