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  1. I had a poor experience with a LiteOn 5005 that I ended up returning to Costo. I am thinking of picking up the iLo DVDR04 at that $119 mark from Walmart and trying to give it another go.
    Of the two local Walmarts, I have a selection of units that were made either Aug 04 or Dec 04. Does it matter? I know the later ones may have a faster burner, but without a HD, it would be real time anyway so that's moot. I read the LiteOn had a firmware issue with new units not being able to go backwards? Does the iLo have any similar quirks? Or should I just grab a box and not look?
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  2. Well, let me just add this: I have had three units, in roughly three months. The first two were made July 2004. THIS one was, I think October 2004, and I have NOT had the problems with it, like I did with the others. This last time, I INTENTIONALLY picked the "newest" one they had on the shelves. Coincidence? I don't know. Now, this one HAS given me the same grief that the other two did: Not recognizing it's own burnt discs. However, it was only one time that it has done far, that is......
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    you do know that ilo is a rabadged liteon right? I have both, they work exactly the same, same menus, same quality and problems. Its just the ilo doesnt record to cds and no support for dash media.

    walmart sells the ilo dvd05 now, which is a rebadged cyberhome, which i hear is worse than ilo/liteon
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  4. Yes I know it's a LiteOn. My problem was a bad unit I suspect. I'm going to try again, especially since the price dropped on the iLo. As long as it provides the basics without too much trouble, I'll consider it disposable.
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