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  1. Have a brand new computer and new AIW 128 pro. Using Windlows ME. I am trying to copy all my old VCR tapes to vcd's. When I hit the record button(using the ATI software that came with the card) i get an error(atidvcr.dll). I have called ATI and they are aware of the problem but had no fix. Can anyone help?

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  2. i do have the same card and the same OS and i do not have any problem so far. you may have drivers conflict(corrupt) try to uninstal everything and reinstal it back.
    good luck
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  3. Thanks wind

    I tried that and it worked for one capture session and then did the same old thing. I am capturing at mpg2 is that causing a problem?
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  4. this should work, but may take some effort.
    get the 4.12.6292 drivers off the ATI site (, they're listed under win98/ME older VFW drivers)
    get MMC 6.3
    get MMC 7.1
    get DVD 4.1 update.
    get VIA 4-in-1 update v4.28 for KT133 or KT133A (whichever you have) either from Abit or VIA's webpages

    -uninstall everything you have from ATI (even go into safe mode and remove copies of the video card via device manager). you should have a 256-color compatibility mode display at this point.


    -install the VIA 4-in-1, and choose AGP in Normal mode.
    -restart, install the 4.12.6292 ATI drivers
    -(restart every time from here on, i think it makes you anyway). install MMC 6.3 in the default directory
    -install MMC 7.1 in a new directory (e.g. "ATI Multimedia 7.1" instead of "ATI Multimedia" )
    -install DVD 4.1 into the new directory "ATI multimedia 7.1"
    -make another system restore checkpoint
    -try MMC 6.3 (esp the 'setup' button, this is where mine crashes occasionally). it should at least record even if you can't hit setup though.
    -if that works, try MMC 7.1 out. it should be OK.
    -if 6.3 or 7.1 fails, reinstall 6.3 over itself, then 7.1 over itself, then DVD4.1 over itself (into the 7.1 directory).

    you should now have a (at least partially) working MMC 6.3 (which i set up for VCD spec capture before installing 7.1 so in case i can't change setup it still does what i want it to). you should also have a fully functional MMC 7.1/DVD 4.1. you can also use virtualdub or any 3-rd party capture software. if you search for the anti-macrovision patches (try looking for '30 second limit patch' - i lost the file after i installed it), install them (not the VBI device fix, these are different) you should be able to use ATI MMC to capture AVI without macro problems and MPEG with a little brightness flickering but it does record. i think VD suffers from the flickering too. i think the patch primarily affects the DirectShow driver, not the VFW part, which is why it doesn't completely fix the problem.

    if all else fails, do the system restore to try again, or just to the other point since it should work there at least on a limited basis.

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