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  1. Ok..this is my first time dealing with a sub. I have an avi file with a .sub file. I have converted the avi to dvd, but I dont' know how to add or burn the dvd files with the subtitle. Or do I have to go back, convert the avi with the subtitle at the same time? What is the easiest tool for this. I have read, just so many suggestions is so overwhelm. Thanks.

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  2. I have tried all the tools above, but none of them support .sub, only .srt. So what software can I use with the .sub?
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  3. Is it idx/sub image files, or is the sub text files (can you open it in Notepad)? If the former, you have to OCR to srt with SubRip or some such. If the latter you quickly convert to srt with Resynch or some such.

    And yes, you add the subs at authoring time, so you have to go back and do it again.
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  4. Hi...I have an avi file along with it there is a .idx and .sub files. Im looking at subrip, will post how it goes.
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  5. Ok Im lost, how do you OCR the sub
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  6. You know something? I gave you bad advice, and I'm very sorry. I apologize. SubRip requires IFO or Vob input, and you just have the idx/sub.

    So, do you have VobSub installed? SubResynch comes with it. Open the idx in Resynch, Save as SRT, and it will begin the OCR process. There may be other programs that also do it, but I'm more familiar with Resynch.
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