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  1. Panasonic has the "Toughbook" line of Notebooks, but what is the Portable DVD Player equivalent. My middle daughter is multiply handicapped, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that her VideoNow Jr. (Color PVD player) has survived six months of such things as being dropped twice in one day on the concrete driveway from five feet.

    I notice that Disney now offers a portable DVD player that also is in a single piece (the display doesn't fold out like many players), but nothing on their site that indicates if they have ruggedized the player.

    Ideally there'd be such an item that reliably plays DVD-R, and is under $250. Just wondering if anyone out here knows of such a thing?

    TIA from both of us.
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  2. SO, does the lack of replies mean there's nothing out there like this, or nothing out there like this for the price I'd like to pay?
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  3. I haven't heard of an 'unbreakable' portable DVD player yet, but some where (can't recall right off hand), there is a company that sells portable dvd cases.

    Might take some searching around, but I believe it was along the lines of Drop-proof ABS plastic housing for portable dvd players or something to that effect.

    May be worth your wild if you could find it, or something like it for your model, as I am sure it would be alot less expensive.

    Hope this atleast points you in somewhat of a right direction!

    Sabro - It's all you know
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  4. Only thing like this I could find didn't appear to sell to consumers, and seems to cover the controls. Also appears to assume you're using a "clamshell" design rather than a "portrait" model where the screen doesn't fold out. My preference is for a non-folding unit so my daughter can hold the unit comfortably. Of course models designed for handicapped kids might be too much of a niche market...

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. Any other pointers/ideas?
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  5. Not right off hand, but I wish ya the best in your search...hopefully someone else can be of alil more help and ya can find exactly what ya need!

    Sabro - It's all you know
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