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  1. I received the following error message on a Black screen.'The registry cannot the hive (file)\systemroot\system32\configure\software or its log or alternateit is corrupt or not writable. I tryed accessing in SAFE MODE, but could not. My Question is 'Can this corrupt hive problem be solved without doing a hard disk restore?
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  2. Most likely, but what i'd do first is google search the file name and see what you can come up with. That way you'll have some background as to what it's for.
    If the file is legit you may be able to download or snag it off the disc it came from and replace the corrupted one and problem solved. Or quite possibly a re-install of the associated application may fix it.
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    Try booting from the XP CD and typing R at the first menu, when you get to the next prompt, choose option 1 (and probably no password), then type (without quotes) "chkdsk /r" and hit enter. It will run a check on your drive and try to make some corrections to system files.
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