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    hi there,

    Being aware of the fact that Roxio software version 5 is not compatible with WinXP(which I use), I installed the Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator v6...... I use WinXP with SP2......This version of Roxio CD/DVD Creator has a feature called as DVD Builder as shown below(PIC1) :


    After dragging the wanted video files into the DVD Builder, I pressed the button for burning the project (The button is an orange color one, present at the bottom right corner of the software as shown in the picture - PIC2 below)........As soon I press the button, an error window appears saying that the Engine Setup failed.......Now, I don't understand what does this mean.


    After pressing the OK button on the Error Window......this is what appears for burning the VCD project.


    As can be seen from the above picture(PIC3), my CD Drive(its a Samsung CD-RW Drive) is not there adjacent to Destinations......and even the Write Speed & Number of Copies indicator is disabled.

    As far as I know, I installed the software perfectly.......I installed all the features without leaving any one(the proof can be seen from first picture - PIC1).

    Pls suggest a solution for this problem.

    Note: Donot suggest to use new softwares other than Roxio...all i want is a solution for the problems with Roxio only.
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    It is a multi-function tool. Do you have to select the output type(VCD,SVCD, or DVD) before adding the files and BEFORE pressing the burn buttton? It may be defaulting to DVD.
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