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  1. my mpg 765MB file after processed in vcdeasy goes to 868.72MB and now I can't burn it because it won't fit! does anyone know what is going on? is that a problem with an specific version?
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  2. VCDEasy does some "padding" to make your file playable. Padded size varies, anywhere from 15 MB to 70MB.

    One way to correct it is demux and remux the original file into standard MPEG1/2 stream, but it doesn't always work.

    Good luck!
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  3. can you tell me what is remux and demux.
    By the way I'm trying to reencode the same file using tmpeg2.5 but this time loweing the bitrate from 2400 to 2100 hope this may also work what do you think? and oh,.. the file it's 23fps and is probably FILM. it's an anime type of movie from the 50's or 60's.
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  4. Demux=De-multiplex, separate program stream (MPG) into elementary streams (MPA and MPV, audio/video). Many program streams are not muxed properly by VCDEasy standards.

    ReMux=Re-multiplex, use a standard multiplex tool such as the one with TMPG, to multiplex elementary streams into standard program stream (choose VCD).

    I've done it many times and in many cases the padded size decreased greatly after demuxing and remuxing. Sometimes, the original streams were just too bad and it didn't work, so I had to split it into two disks.

    Give it a try....

    PS: don't re-encode. You gain nothing but lose considerable quality. Always split into two or more disks. VCD is on its way out. Maintain quality and transfer them to DVD in the future!
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    Your problem is probably due to that you haven't multiplexed the mpeg properly to begin with, like poplar suggests.
    But it's not VCDEasy that sets the standard, it's the VCD specs, which VCDEasy rightly enforce.
    Easiest way is to use TMPGEnc, MPEG tools, simple multiplex, select Video CD (non standard) and select your troublesome mpg as both audio and video source.
    But when I read your 2nd post closely I see you're creating a 2100 kbps "VCD"! I doubt that will work, as VCD is 1150 kbps. You're better off going for MPEG2/SVCD. But when I read it once again, I see you're not saying anything at all about your target format. If you're going for SVCD already, you select Super Video CD as stream type (not Video CD (non standard)).

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