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  1. i thought i would post this as of lately i have been testing the dvd capabilities of the playstation 2 and to my surpise it has played absolutely every type of dvd media i have tried..

    1.double layer dvd+r works excellent
    2.dvd+rw works excellent
    3.dvd+r plays flawlessly
    4.dvd-r plays flawlessly
    5.dvd-rw plays flawlessy

    hell my playstation 2 plays more dvd media than my standalone apex ad 1150..

    so i was thinking if the playstation 2 can be added to the dvd player list on this site that way everyone who has one could list their PS2 version and the media it plays..

    so verbatim HP memorex ritek sony samsung imation value disk have all played perfectly on the PS2 with no hiccups whatsoever..

    my model is 50001 which is part of the online bundle..

    i think its a great idea!!
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    is this what you want to see... or the 50001 model ... this is the ps2 review page at this site.
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  3. i feel so stupid right now..

    i typed in PS2 when i searched for it
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    They also burn out fast,6 months for my 5001,cheap lasers put in these models.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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    Unfortunately for me, it doesn't play DVD-RAM discs.
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