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  1. hi,

    i was backing up a movie with DVd shrink, and i inserted a blank DVD-R (Verbatim DVD-R 50 Pack Printables) when prompted. burning at 8X with NEC ND-3500A

    after the burn i checked the underside and i noticed an unburned area about 1mm, at about the first 2 inches of the disc.

    so what had happened was the drive burned for the first 2 inches left out 1mm then contunied burning, leaving a 1mm gap.

    i just thought it might have been a litle error by the drive and didnt quite write for a second when upping the speed from 2X to 4X. i then did another burn and it burned ok.

    the drive right now is working fine, ive done about 20 burns after that with no problem. i just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? what caused this to happen


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    I'd say a bad disc, or, less likely, solar flares...

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    How do you know that that area is "unburned"? Did the burned disc fail to play properly?
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  4. sounds like the speed increse ring,does it play properly,or is it a coaster.
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  5. thanks for the replies guys

    How do you know that that area is "unburned"? Did the burned disc fail to play properly?
    i know its an unburned area because

    (1) the colour difference - try and compare an unburned disc to a burned one you will see the color difference. the 1mm ring is the same color as an unburned disc

    (2) when i play the disc it just stops playing - ive estimated that its stopped at that unburned point.

    sounds like the speed increse ring,does it play properly,or is it a coaster.
    its not a speed increase ring, its simply not burned that 1mm for some reason. it does play for the first 20 mins or so, then just stops playing (thats where the unburned ring is).

    as i said i dont know what caused this. but i know its an area which has not been written to, ive burned many more DVDs from the same media after this incident and had no problems.

    thanks for the replies

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  6. see my post below...regarding the ring problem in the middle of the DVD.

    If you get the ring problem, the dvd is toast.

    I do not have a perfect solution, but I did do the following which seem to fix the problem.

    Reinstalled Nero with latest version

    Spray air through the dvd burner to brush out any dust residue.

    Made sure anything running in the background was disabled.

    I have several Memorex dual X1 (rebaged pioneer 106). The one unit started to have this problem just a couple of days ago.

    It seems a kink in the drive...

    I would also recommend doing a bunch of burns using DVD RW to work our the kinks...

    There have been other posts in the past...also may have something to do with options that state "Burn DVD with high compadibilty 30mm or 1 gig for DVD +R"

    Its strange that this problem occurs for other drives in the same location???...and its not a media issue
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