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    First let me appologize if this question has been asked all ready. I have searched and tried to find out on my own but now it is time to pick all of your brains. I would like to find a piece of software in which you could take multiple video clips for example two video chunks and view them say from left to right one on top of the other in a frame by frame film stip fashion, then by draging one on top of the other and moving the second file left to right on the time line be able to re align it into synk and then resave file as one whole. This would be very usefull for all of the videos people make that sometimes have the annoying overlap that occures when just joining them together will not get rid of. And oh yes before I forget I would like to use this program for .avi's, Xvid,Divx, as well as .MPG 1 and 2 files. Thanks much any info would be appreciated.
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    Vegas 5 can do it. You can put them on seperate tracks, zoom into the frame level and align them.
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  3. Latest versions of Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, Ulead MediaStudio Pro will all do this. All the latest versions can import MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 as well as Type 1 or type 2 DV. May take a while to render the mpeg-2 files as individual frames onscreen, though, even with a 3 Ghz P4.
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