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  1. Hi,
    I just bought the pinoeer DVD 320 S dvd recorder online will get in about weeks time.Since i'm new to DVd recording i want some help from you guys.

    Can anyone tell me as to which DVD-R discs are comapatible with the Pioneer Dvd recorder?? I'm confused about recording speed.Some are 8X while others are 4X don't know what exactly it means and which one can be used for my DVD recorder?

    Also which brand would you recommend? Sony, TDK,Fujifilm or maxwell??

    Hope anyone will help me, would be greatfull.

    thanks for ur time
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  2. Set-top recorders only burn at 1x,So it makes no diff what speed you use,as for what to recommend? Not sure.
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  3. Thanks Canadateck for ur message

    So it makes no difference as to whether i buy 4X or 8 X dvd-r???

    I think i will either go for Sony or TDK dvd's.Anyone having a good experiance with them?
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  4. The tough part for me is to recomend media,Lot of people say one kind is good, while others say they are not,I just test a few different kinds and see what works for "Me".It doent matter what speed you buy.
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    The 320 is an excellent machine. You should be happy for some time to come.

    Many people here (including me) swear by Taiyo-Yuden discs. (T-Ys are available from the VH sponsors.) Next would be Sony, Fuji, Maxell (not Maxwell*) or TDK. Just be sure to check the package for the words "Made in Japan." If the package says "Made in Taiwan" the discs are generally considerd to be "B" grade or less.

    So what are the differences? Besides better quality, you're likely getting better compatiblity.

    And yes, the 320 burns at 1x. So in theory, buying faster discs is a wate of money. In reality, the faster (ie: newer) discs generally have better formulations and therefore perform better. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. So it might pay to check the links on the left before making a huge purchase.

    *Maxwell is a company living off of Maxell's reputation.
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  6. Hey Epi, thanks alot for all the info. I would never had bothered to look as to where the discs were made.I will surely make sure they are made in Japan

    Also didn't knew the difference b/w maxwell and Maxell , just shows how ignorant i am!
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