I have purchased a used Prime Image TBC for a very good price, $100. The model number is TBC.SYNC+ No numbers. The TBC.SYNC+ uses BNC connectors. I have puchased BNC-->RCA adaptors.

My main query: This older TBC has quite a few options. Which do I use for basic TBC functions (I am transferring old, jittery video tapes to DVD via a USB capture device). Anyone familiar with the following functions? Suggestions on how to hook up the VCR?

The back of the unit has TEN BNC connectors labeled as follows:

GEN LK (two of them)/ 3.58/ DOC/ ADV V/ TBC V/ VID OUT 1/ VID OUT 2/ VID IN/ VIDEO FREEZE (off/on switch)

The front on the unit has the following knobs:

VIDEO LEVEL (connected to a LED to display video level)/ SETUP/ CHROMA/ HUE/ STROBE OFF-ON/ FREEZE/ POSTER/ SEPIA/ MOSAIC/

OK, so what do I do with this thing? Do I feed the video into the VID IN and (obviously) out via the VID OUT? Then what is the TBC V for? Is the VIDEO LEVEL the TBC?

Any advice from anyone who has used PRIME IMAGE units similiar to this one?