Hey guys I've been using bulkpaq orange 4x dvd-r to burn my movies and back up my PS2 games. For backing up my movies the discs are brilliant, I get hardly any problems at all. However when I've used the discs to back up my PS2 games they work fine for a bit, but after being played for a while, they start to pause, skip usual errors.

I recently used a TDK scratchproof disc to back up a game to see what the quality was like and I have to say it is amazing. The games plays perfect, and I'm having no problems at all. The problem is, the place where I got the disc from (Blank disc shop uk) is out of stock until the 18th of this month and I'm desperate for more. At the blank disc shop there 87p each and I was just wondering if anybody else knows another good place to get the discs from, for around the same price.

If not could somebody recommend another good dvd-r disc i could use to back up my PS2 games without them starting to mess up after being played about 5 times. Thanks guys