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  1. Hello Guys

    I have alots of anime series on my HDD , and they are cool . But i want to know how to create subtitel in the anime like the author did .

    How can they create Color subtitel, and Karaoke subtitel , i mean karaoke subtitel here = they can make lyric for the song in the anime run like karaoke , but i dont know how can they do that , because the lyric is not only display in color but also match with the song like karaoke .

    Somebody show me plz
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  2. Try Subtitle Workshop or go here: There is 19 subtitling tools.
    Quality is my policy.
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  3. Thanks mate ^^

    But with Sub Workshop, i can only make one color sub and can make karaoke sub as well
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  4. Anybody ther ?!
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  5. Nobody know about this ?!
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