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  1. Can this cause pixalation and freezing toward the end of movie on full disc? Have some 2.4x that I burned at 4x. Nero said it completed ok but pixilation at end of movie. Have had previous success with this media on another drive burning at 2.4. Thanks!
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    How can you expect good results from writing at 4X to 2.4 media? You should be glad you got anything at all.
    (I got this car, and even tho the engine's rated at max 6000 rpm, I've managed to drive 100 miles at 8000 rpm, but at the end of the trip, it started sounding strange. I've made the same trip several times at 6000 rpm with no problem. )

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  3. Push it to 8x or 12x.
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  4. I have 2 drives. An old HP that was originally 2.4 and upgraded through software to 4x compatible. Also have a newer dual 8x compatible.

    Bought these discs at Compusa for .15 each. They were rated at 4x by compusa. Their brand.

    The HP will only write them at 2.4 but the new drive will write them at 4x. I've had great results with the HP writing them at 2.4. Last night copied a movie for a friend with Nero but wrote it on the new drive. Just happened to check it this morning and pixalization and freezing on the copy. Didn't have time to make another copy before work. The original is fine.

    Have always heard that slower speeds = less trouble.
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  5. It depends also on the burner and the media used, not all burners like all media. I have some cheap 8x +R media that burns better at 12x than some 16x +R media i tried, so speed rating doesnt always matter. My writer just like these 8x's for some reason. My experience in general is however as you said, slower speeds=less trouble.
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  6. Thanks all. I redid that movie on the HP drive at 2.4 and it works fine. I was burning too fast!
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  7. Maybe next time you should try to burn those disks at 2.4x in your newer drive and see if the result is good there also? It could still be that your newer drive dont like those disks and give bad burns even at 2.4x.
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  8. I've burned a couple hundred CMC R01 2.4x discs at 8x, haven't had a single coaster. The burn quality is actually excellent, testing with PI/PO and transfer rate tests, and they play back fine.

    Having said that, burning most media past it's rated speed is risky, especially if you're not that familiar with burning DVD media. Stick to the rated speed, not slower, not faster, for most reliable results.
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