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    i have just purchased a dvd ram dvd recorder so i can video my sons 1st year of life. How can I now play this on my computer? what software do i need. I run xp professional. Also what is the best software to edit the dvd before playback on my tv? Please help.
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    A: Brand and model of unit would help .

    B: You need a dvd drive in pc capable of reading ram discs .


    Then software : Commercial programs capable of importing from dvd-ram

    Ulead video studio
    Sony vegas ... this product has the ability to recover clips where all others fail ... if it cannot , the content is shot .
    Nero vision express


    Simple copy method

    Select all files from rm folder > copy to a new folder on pc hard drive .

    Beware of incd (nero), if installed , it may prevent transfer ... simple copy method .

    Mpeg streamclip can be used to cut into segments , and output as various types ... separate streams for importing into authoring programs .

    Warning : people who don't understand system properties , copy to desktop ... don't do it .

    E: Editing

    Depends on how much work you want to put into the final outcome , yet you ask for the best .

    From top to bottom

    Sony vegas
    Dvdlab pro
    Ulead dvd movie factory
    Ulead video studio
    Nero vision express
    Tmpgenc dva

    There are others , including freeware .

    F: Burning

    If you don't want issues with home players , stick with dvd-r , or if project exceeds 4.3gig , verbatim dvd-r dl only .
    Imgburn takes care of burning , set at half medias max rate , or lower ... layer break option for dl .


    Remember , this content is important , and your wife will not be pleasant to live with if you mess it up ... make at least one major backup of the original to verbatim or TY media , and store it in a dark place , average temp , in a felt sleeve .
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  3. Originally Posted by Bjs
    Remember , this content is important , and your wife will not be pleasant to live with if you mess it up ...
    Who said he's married?
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